We didn't tell the kids what we had planned.
We wanted it to be a BIG SURPRISE!!!

On the Galveston-Bolivar Ferry ~ December 25, 2008

← Wednesday - 12/24/2008: We started our trip on Christmas Eve by driving from Austin to Clear Lake to spend the day with Aunt Anne & Uncle David Leboy, cousins Charlie, Luke & Neal, David's sister Leslie and mother Marilyn, and Nana & Papa Anges.

The kids got some nice gifts and it was great spending Christmas Eve with the extended family!

→ Thursday - 12/25/2008: We spent Christmas Eve night at Nana Anges' house in Galveston, and then got up bright and early to catch the Bolivar Ferry to start our trip to Orlando. The kids still didn't know where we were going. We told them that we were going to see some "old friends". We just didn't tell them that the "old friends" were Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse...

On the Bolivar Ferry

We then spent all day on Christmas driving through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and into Florida. We spent Christmas night in Pensacola, Florida, at the La Quinta...

Crossing the Mississippi River
in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

At the Louisiana - Mississippi Border

At the Mississippi - Alabama Border

At the Alabama - Florida Border

At the La Quinta in Pensacola, Florida

Friday - 12/26/2008: We drove all day the 26th through Florida to Orlando, where we checked into our hotel at the Buena Vista Suites hotel.

The gingerbread Christmas display in the lobby of the hotel.

This the is bus that the hotel provided to take us to and from the parks the next four days.

OK, so the kid's got a little silly some time...

Saturday - 12/27/2008: This was our one day to relax a little. Since Mommy did all the driving out to Orlando (not to mention the fact that Daddy loves big, pretty churches), Daddy took the kids to visit a big, pretty church near our hotel so that Mommy could have some peace and quiet for a couple of hours.